Military Solutions

Tactical Communications Systems


 Expeditionary Communications Systems 


REDCOM solutions are uniquely designed for utilization in the expeditionary environment. They establish connectivity in disconnected, limited, and intermittent environments. They are designed with an emphasis on interoperability for a coalition or joint approach while incorporating security features and attributes from start to finish.

Systems, devices, and applications used for command and control will need to incorporate the following attributes:

  • Low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)
  • Ease of configuration and use
  • Capable of leveraging available architectures (IP, TDM, Radio, Analog). This includes host nation or organic communication paths associated with specific geography.
  • Interoperability
  • Security

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Command. Control. Communicate.




Command and Control (C2) has many definitions. Some associate it with leveraging all technology on the battlefield to achieve and maintain information dominance. Others associate it with decision criteria aligned to the use of nuclear weapons. REDCOM solutions directly support C2 conditions where they matter the most.

The tools and function of command and control evolves with each leap in technology. At its core, it’s how a commander recognizes what needs to be done and takes appropriate action. C2 is both art and science, the art of sustaining critical functions during a conflict and the science of integrating the tools that provide the highest performance in communication technology.

 Sigma is REDCOM’s software-based Unified Communications platform that runs on standard Intel-based computing and virtualization platforms. 

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