Solutions for communications Service providers

Intelligent Network Migration to VoIP


 For service providers managing the migration from Intelligent Networks (IN) or Advanced Intelligent Networks (AIN) to a VoIP-centric network, REDCOM offers the Intelligent Network Migration Suite. REDCOM helps you leverage your existing network elements with our hybrid Application Server, which works natively on both AIN and SIP messaging, preserving your customer experience and reducing your cost of migration.

REDCOM provides you complete solutions for deploying and managing voice services in Converged IP/TDM as well as end-to-end VoIP, giving you flexibility in evolving legacy Service Control Points (SCP), allowing you to future-proof your network at your own pace.

Switching Solutions for Network Transformation


 The evolution to IP telephony networks presents many challenges for service providers. That’s why REDCOM offers a complete range of hybrid and pure-IP softswitch solutions designed to help carriers reduce their reliance on end-of-life systems, contain costs, capture new customers, and generate more revenue by rolling out next-gen and UC services.

We have been working with many customers over the past few years to replace their aging and unsupported switches. We specialize in replacing old Metaswitch, Coppercomm, Mitel, Nortel, and Ribbon (Taqua) switches with modern Class 4/5 softswitch platforms designed to save you money and ultimately provide peace of mind.

REDCOM’s Class 4/5 switching systems have been deployed by hundreds of service providers throughout the world.

Cost effectively roll out VoLTE services with IMS


 Wireless carriers are adopting Voice over LTE (VoLTE) for spectrum savings, and as national carriers adopt VoLTE, regional carriers must adapt to preserve revenue. REDCOM provides an IMS core specifically tailored to VoLTE requirements.

REDCOM IMS includes all the necessary components deployed in a virtual server environment on your hardware. We will integrate all VoLTE call functionality into your network without forcing you to over-invest in unnecessary components.

As with all of our network solutions, you buy only what you need. Rely on REDCOM for design, deployment, and cutover management assistance.